I am using Magento ver. and shipping_override. However, the problem existed before the addition of shipping_override (and after).

The system gets UPS rates using my UPS account. However, the checkout always shows about 6% LESS on any selected rate. When logged in viewing the shopping cart you can see BOTH amounts.

This has nothing to do with the tax rate, or shipping_override. The flat rates from shipping_override are also reduced and I've tested with no-tax states. There is no added charge setup (either fixed or percentage).

Its a mystery. . .



It DID have something to do with the tax rate. I found a shipping.php that subtracted the tax from the shipping. . .

HOWEVER, The problem was in configuration in two places. I had to create a shipping tax object in SALES/TAXES and change SYSTEM/CONFIG/SALES/Tax to listing my state as the Default State, and display everything without tax except including it in the grand total. . . and possibly some other things.

Anyway. . . I think I have it fixed. I've run a dozen or so taxed and not taxed sales and all is good so far. All I can say is that forms in Magento are way too complicated. . . Set them up, wait a couple days and do them again. And maybe AGAIN. You will see something to adjust each time.

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