I have just launched my 2nd Magento store on calzeat.com and i am having an issue where going between certain pages the url doesn't work right. For example when i go to calzeat.com/contact then i click on the Stores link it will try to go to calzeat.com/contact/stores. Really Strange.

Only between a few pages in certain directions it happens.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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I didn't check your site, but your links are most likely relative.


<a href="stores">Stores</a>

That link will go to example.com/stores if you're on example.com, but if you're on example.com/contact/, it'll go to example.com/contact/stores.

The solution is to use absolute URLs (Mage::getUrl('stores')), or at least a leading slash (/stores instead of 'stores'). The leading slash is not recommend as it does not allow installations into subdirectories, etc.


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