I'm getting an apache error saying that I have duplicate headers for 'Content-Type'. I see that the tunnelAction function correctly adds the header Content-Type:image/png, but instead of passing in the parameter to replace the original header, it just appends it to the list. Here is the current code below:

$response = $httpClient->setUri(Mage_Adminhtml_Block_Dashboard_Graph::API_URL)
                        ->setConfig(array('timeout' => 5))

                $headers = $response->getHeaders();

                    ->setHeader('Content-type', $headers['Content-type'])

$headers['Content-type'] is "image/png", but it's not passing in a 3rd boolean parameter to replace the existing header "text/html". I'm wondering if adding my own route to handle this request would be the right fix?

  • I've added a answer based on latest Magento, by adding more information about headers and Magento version you could get a better or more specific answer – Jeroen Jan 16 '16 at 13:27

Yes, adding a rewrite that does pass true as the third parameter to the setHeader() method would fix this.

Setting the third parameter $replace to true will make the setHeader() method to search the array of headers (already set before) and unset() any header with the same name, making the "Content-type" header that you are setting the only one.

By the way, note that the official header name is "Content-Type" with a capital 'T'. The replace function of the setHeader() method is case sensitive. So you might still end up with two headers, one "Content-type: ..." and another "Content-Type: ..."

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I've looked up. Default Magento will just add one header. So therefore not giving errors of any kind.

I'm guessing you have a 3rd party module to optimize Magento or serverside Apache/Nginx/PHP setting which also add these headers.

You could look which is set first to make it a little easier to lookup.

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