Actually I wanted to know the complete flow of a magento view. Suppose i am viewing the home page, can I ask how the flow of control goes through the PHTML, XML and PHP files , in order to view the home page? Basically wanted to know the flow of control of magento. If you have a doubt in understanding my query , please let me know.



Easiest way would be to install this module: https://github.com/fbrnc/Aoe_Profiler/
It gives you a nice tree to explore the parts of the application executed.

It still will not expose everything, as for this a complete trace of the request would be better.

to explain everything is a bit hard, as magento has a lot of layers.
If you are more interested where to add your code, it needs if you look for the event/observer system of magento and where events get triggered.

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I think the best bet to understand this is to use a debugger/xdebug. You can configure your IDE/editor to break on first line or set a break point in index.php. From there, start stepping into the code. Magento has many, many layers. I've found this approach has helped me personally more than any tutorial out there.

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Template hints with blocks are most always the first step when dissecting a magento page:


Your home page is generated by a CMS page, so the CMS->Pages in admin is going to be a good place to look for home page content.

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