after customer logged in to our site, it's redirecting to "my account " page.

but i want to redirect to "shopping cart" page.

i reffered this link for

[ Creating account = > Shopping cart page]

now we need for

"loogged in = > "shopping cart page

please help me to find solution


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In this case,you can use event customer_login and


  • fire this event on frontend <frontend> area.
  • Basically when customer are loggedin success then the event is fire.Also and put a condition for current full action for Mage::app()->getRequest()->getFullActionName()=='customer_account_loginPost' because of Customer also register at checkout step

Then at observer redirect to your shopping cart page using below code:


Config.xml code:

<frontend><!-- area -->
      <customer_login> <!-- identifier of the event we want to catch -->
          <customer_login_redirect> <!-- identifier of the event handler -->
            <type>model</type> <!-- class method call type; valid are model, object and singleton -->
            <class>magento/observer</class> <!-- observers class alias -->
            <method>redirectiontoCart</method>  <!-- observer's method to be called -->

Observer.php is :

class StackExchange_Magento_Model{
public function redirectiontoCart(Varien_Event_Observer $observer)



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