I am trying to make an extension containing an observer.

But magento search the model in mage instead of my local extension "Test". system.log tells me:

Failed opening 'Mage/Sync/Model/Observer.php' for inclusion

My /app/code/local/Test/Sync/etc/config.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


class Test_Sync_Model_Observer {
    public function export($observer)
      // code

I checked file access and cleared all caches.

Why does he not use my observer?


The problem is so far not really related to the observer mechanism. It is a more basic problem.

When Magento tries to load files like Mage/Yourmodule/Model/Foo.php, this indicates that the lookup of the Magento class code (i.e. sync/observer or yourmodule/foo for my example) in Mage::getModel() (Magento calls getModel() internally when initializing the observer) did not work properly.

The code to be written in the <class> ... </class> node follows the same logic as you would pass it to getModel().

What you did is to define a mapping from test -> Test_Sync_Model. So if you use

<class>test/observer</class> Magento should properly use Test_Sync_Model_Observer.

But you actually might have intended to define the alias test_sync (which is more common). So in the models section it must be <test_sync> and in the observer <class>test_sync/observer</class>.


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