I need to show the magento poll to any of the pages of magento website. What code should I add to the PHTML files?

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One way to dispaly poll in different page is using xml. You can use the following code to display pole

<block type="poll/activePoll" name="right.poll">
            <action method="setPollTemplate"><template>poll/active.phtml</template><type>poll</type></action>
            <action method="setPollTemplate"><template>poll/result.phtml</template><type>results</type></action>

Another way to display is create a static block and call it in the phtml file. In static block you can put the code

{{block type="poll/poll" template="poll/active.phtml" poll_id="1"}}

And the third way is using php code. I haven't tried it but found somewhere on net.

$action = Mage::getBaseUrl().’poll/vote/add/poll_id/’.$this->getPollId();
$poll = Mage::getModel('poll/poll')->load($this->getPollId());
$poll_answers = Mage::getResourceModel('poll/poll_answer_collection')->addPollFilter($this->getPollId())->getItems();

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