Need help trying to remove a array value (Customer ID) from a attribute array value in a collection

 //Get Model to save data to.
 $model = Mage::getModel("userprofiles/userprofiles");
 $model->getCollection()->addFieldToFilter('userprofiles_id', $id);

 //Get Model to fetch data from
 $model2 = Mage::getModel("userprofiles/userprofiles")->load($id);

 //Build Array output is 123,234,345,456,
 $FollowProfilesArray = array($model2->getFollowProfiles());

 //Remove specified ID from array, $profile_id equals current customer ID
 $remove_from_array = array_diff($FollowProfilesArray, array($profile_id,));

  foreach($remove_from_array as $key => $value){
  $select .= ''.$value.',';

   //save new array to attribute value with the specified ID removed.

Problem is that this code is not removing the specified ID and saving the attribute value as 123,234,345,,


$model2->getFollowProfiles() output/saved value is 123,234,345,456 etc

the code $FollowProfilesArray = array($model2->getFollowProfiles()); does not work as stated above but if it hardcode the array data to

//Works,but not ideal or relevant
$FollowProfilesArray = array(123,234,345,456,);

So is there something im missing like exploding or imploding the $FollowProfilesArray = array($model2->getFollowProfiles()); code

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Ok sorted it out yeah. Code below.


$FollowProfilesArray = array($model2->getFollowProfiles()); 


//explode out the attribute value
$FollowProfilesArray = explode(",","".$model2->getFollowProfiles()."");

and changed

foreach($remove_from_array as $key => $value){
$select .= ''.$value.',';}


    //so if $value is NULL save no value id, stoppped the adding of , to the attribute value

    foreach($remove_from_array as $key => $value){
    if($value == NULL) {
    //$select .= ''.$value.',';
    $select .= ''.$value.',';           

so now on call to unfollowAction the specified ID is removed from the attribute value but keeps any other ID values.


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