I have a magento website with multiple stores.

In the basic configuration we use https://exampleBackend.com as Unsecure Url and Secure Url because the backend has to be in https.

On each store we use for example http://exampleFrontendEnglish.com as Unsecure Url and https://exampleFrontendEnglish.com as Secure Url. The setting for media is {{unsecure_base_url}}media/ for all stores.

When I visit one of the stores (for example http://exampleFrontendEnglish.com) the site is loaded with http but all the pictures are tried to be loaded via https which fails and I have no clue why that happens.

If I change the secure base url to http everything is loaded with http but I do not have any https anymore for secure parts.

Has someone a clue why the stores are loaded in http but medias in https? Any hint is welcome

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I don't have an answer to your question but a solution to your problem: to use https in the backend you don't need to change the unsecure base URL, instead set the configuration "use secure URL in admin" to "yes"


Go to System/Configuration then select Scope of your website.

and use secure URL in admin to yes.

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