I measured run time for my page and noticed that the function getBaseCurrencyCode() takes over a second to run. All of my caching are enabled.

I examined the function and saw that the following command:


takes over a second.

but when I use the Mage::getConfig()->getNode(Mage_Core_Model_Store::XML_PATH_PRICE_SCOPE); it takes milliseconds

can anyone tell me why is this time difference occurs ?

any advice?

Although I’ve tried the suggested solutions you offered but still there are massive time gaps. I would be happy if you can try and measure the time it takes for you to run the getConfig function and post it here.

I tried measure the time this function takes by wrapping this code with microtime functions

i.e on local path : app\code\core\Mage\Core\Model instead of this line :

$configValue = $this->getConfig(Mage_Core_Model_Store::XML_PATH_PRICE_SCOPE);

I replaced it with this code (same code with microtime):

$start = microtime(true);

$configValue = $this->getConfig(Mage_Core_Model_Store::XML_PATH_PRICE_SCOPE);

$time_elapsed_secs = microtime(true) - $start;

echo "function: getConfig() took me: " .  $time_elapsed_secs . " sec<br />";


my output was:

function: getConfig() took me: 1.1326711177826 sec

I would be happy to see your output and runtime.


There are small differences in parsing the config between the 2 but those should not affect performance. Both of the methods just go through a big array to retrieve data.
getConfig actually does some simple calculations and then calls getNode.
The only big difference I see is that $this->getConfig(Mage_Core_Model_Store::XML_PATH_PRICE_SCOPE) calls this: $this->_processConfigValue($fullPath, $path, $data);.
This part processes directives marked with {{...}} and at some point the method calls it self under certain circumstances.
Try to benchmark the 2 after you remove the _processConfigValue call.


When you call


It will call

 public function getConfig($path)
        if (isset($this->_configCache[$path])) {
            return $this->_configCache[$path];

        $config = Mage::getConfig();

        $fullPath = 'stores/' . $this->getCode() . '/' . $path;
        $data = $config->getNode($fullPath);
        if (!$data && !Mage::isInstalled()) {
            $data = $config->getNode('default/' . $path);
        if (!$data) {
            return null;
        return $this->_processConfigValue($fullPath, $path, $data);


protected function _processConfigValue($fullPath, $path, $node)
        if (isset($this->_configCache[$path])) {
            return $this->_configCache[$path];

        if ($node->hasChildren()) {
            $aValue = array();
            foreach ($node->children() as $k => $v) {
                $aValue[$k] = $this->_processConfigValue($fullPath . '/' . $k, $path . '/' . $k, $v);
            $this->_configCache[$path] = $aValue;
            return $aValue;

        $sValue = (string) $node;
        if (!empty($node['backend_model']) && !empty($sValue)) {
            $backend = Mage::getModel((string) $node['backend_model']);
            $sValue = $backend->getValue();

        if (is_string($sValue) && strpos($sValue, '{{') !== false) {
            if (strpos($sValue, '{{unsecure_base_url}}') !== false) {
                $unsecureBaseUrl = $this->getConfig(self::XML_PATH_UNSECURE_BASE_URL);
                $sValue = str_replace('{{unsecure_base_url}}', $unsecureBaseUrl, $sValue);
            } elseif (strpos($sValue, '{{secure_base_url}}') !== false) {
                $secureBaseUrl = $this->getConfig(self::XML_PATH_SECURE_BASE_URL);
                $sValue = str_replace('{{secure_base_url}}', $secureBaseUrl, $sValue);
            } elseif (strpos($sValue, '{{base_url}}') !== false) {
                $sValue = Mage::getConfig()->substDistroServerVars($sValue);

        $this->_configCache[$path] = $sValue;

        return $sValue;

and when you call


It will read xml file and return output.

I think As per @Marius sir suggest and it wont affect performance.

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