i having problem with order state. When customer order a product, no matter what payment option is select, order stuck on state "payment_review" instead to be state "new".

If I manually change state in "new", and after creating inovice state change in "payment_review" again.

I think it's a problem in database, because I was delete all magento files and insert new (fresh) magento with same database and problem was the same.


Whenever you want to change an order state to payment_review then must need check order is capable to change the state to payment review .

In this case you can check using payment model of order object.


If this value is true then you can change the status to payment_review

  • I think you don't understand me. Every order I made get state "payment_review". I want to change this state to "new". No matter on payment methods – D-Logic May 25 '15 at 8:09

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