We need to often create orders in the backend via the admin panel. Currently three payment methods are available, credit/debit card, bank transfer and purchase order. I however need more than that, others are activated in the config>system but are still not visible in admin order creation.

Could any one please advise?

I would be grateful, thanks

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Each payment method model supports a member called $_canUseInternal. This decides if the payment method can be used in the backend.
So you need to add this in the payment method model

protected $_canUseInternal = true; 

But chances are you will need more than that, depending on the payment method. You may need to create a block and/or a template for admin use.
Some of the payment method might not be designed to work on the backend.

If you need a method just to appear on the invoice and no actions behind it then you can create your own. Here is a nice tutorial for creating one.
Just make sure you set to it

protected $_canUseInternal = true;
protected $_canUseCheckout = false;
protected $_canUseForMultishipping = false; 

so you can use it only for frontend.

  • I only need it to be visible on the invoice in a text format, i.e 'cash' it doens tneed to capture any information or do anything else. so I would edit app > code > core >Mage > payment > model > method ? May 20, 2015 at 9:06
  • @DanielTyas. See my edit.
    – Marius
    May 20, 2015 at 9:11

In magento every payment method extend Mage_Payment_Model_Method_Abstract and has the below member variables

protected $_canUseInternal              = true; //This can use in admin
protected $_canUseCheckout              = true; //This can use in onepage checkout
protected $_canUseForMultishipping      = true; //This can use in multishipping

By default all are true

If you wanna use method for admin only then just use below code

protected $_canUseInternal              = true; //This can use in admin
protected $_canUseCheckout              = false; //This can use in onepage checkout
protected $_canUseForMultishipping      = false; //This can use in multishipping

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