I have two store views in my shop, German and English.

In my English store view, my product slider shows products as "sale" (the pink eye-catcher):


And in the German store view it's shown as "Verkauf" but I want to change that, also to "Sale".

I use the language pack, maybe I must change the translation, but where?


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Translations are stored in csv files under app/locale/store Look for your specific store (german) and look for the page's specific csv.


The problem you might have is, that Sale is a common word in magento, therefore you might want to change your template first to have a better name for it, so only this exact position is changed.


In Magento 1.9, the "Sale" translation only occurs once, in Mage_Paypal.csv ("Sales" is used much more often).

You can take advantage from this fact and create a new translation specific to the Mage_Catalog module, which will be used in product lists (if this particular block is from a different module, change Mage_Catalog accordingly below).

To do so, create a theme translation file app/design/frontend/[package]/[theme]/locale/de_DE/translate.csv (if it does not exist yet) and add the following line:

"Mage_Catalog::Sale","Sale "

The trailing space is important! Magento has a quirk in the translation system, that translations where the original string is equal to the translated string are completely ignored. This results in a fallback to the translation from Mage_Paypal.csv just as before. Adding a space (or a non printable character if you prefer) will make the string different and it will actually be used.

More on the topic: https://magento.stackexchange.com/a/78483/243


Instead of change values at database table for magento inline translation – you can use default magento GUI interface for translation. To enable this feature you need login to the admin panel, then open System->Configuration->Developer tab. The next step will be selection of magento scope of configuration. It can be done by selecting store view at the left top dropdown.

See more detail here :- http://www.extensions.sashas.org/blog/enable-use-magento-inline-translation-video.html

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