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My new bundle item, when I search items to add to the bundle, it only lists virtual and simple. I need downloadable. How do I get this?

Other information: 1. I'm switching to another platform in two months, so I'm not interested in upgrading to 1.9 2. I use jfusion with my Joomla sites, so upgrading would cause a ton of headaches there. So again - I'm not doing it. 3. I cached and re-indexed 4. I create this bundle every year. Last year's 2014 bundle I duplicated and removed the bundle items that were in there and went to add the new ones - and none of the downloadable items appear. Never ran into this issue before.

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My fix - in the config.xml file I changed: < !---< bundle>---> < !---< allowed_selection_types>---> < !---< downloadable/>---> < !---< /allowed_selection_types>---> < !---< /bundle>--->'

to: < bundle> < allowed_selection_types> < downloadable/> < /allowed_selection_types> < /bundle>

No idea why < !--- was in there. Perhaps a freelance programmer from the past was trying to get future business

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