Though there are several answers to this question, just need to add AttributeCode to list.phtml page. But here lies my problem i am unable to edit my list.phtml. Is there any why through which i can locate correct list.phtml file my magento is using.

i am editing app/design/frontend/default/mytheme/template/catalog/product/list.phtml this file, but nothing is happening on fronthand.

I want to show the attribute both on homepage product lsitings & on category listings. Please suggest what can i do.


Go to System > Configuration > Developer, then pick the appropriate in the Configuration Scope. Once the page is refreshed, you will be able to turn Template Path Hints on (see image below). Then refresh your page on the frontend and it will give you the paths you are looking for.


Also remember that for your attribute to be accessible on product listings pages, Used in Product Listing will need to be On for the attribute you are accessing.`


You can use this Extension for Template Hints


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