My original magento store is on www.antistaticesd.com (default category) My another store using the same magento and other root category(business store) is supposed to be at www.antistaticesd.com/business

I changed the base URL in sysytem > Configuration to www.antistaticesd.com/business for this store view.

I copied and pasted two files index.php and .htaccess from the root to the "business" directory. When I hit www.antistaticesd.com/business on the browser, it gives me a 404 error page. Please tell me what further steps do I take to solve this.

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I've used this link to help me set up a Multi Store: https://www.properhost.com/members/knowledgebase/30/How-to-Setup-Magento-with-Multiple-Stores-and-Domains.html Sounds like you're missing a few steps but the website link I've provided should help you through the whole process. I've manage to set up a separate store using another domain. Hope this helps!!!!

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