I am trying to create my own module to override / extend Mage_Cms_Model_Resource_Page.

This is what I have so far

1) Enable the module by creating /app/etc/modules/Namespace_ModuleName.xml


2) Set up the config /app/code/local/Namespace/ModuleName/etc/config.xml

 <?xml version="1.0"?> 

3) Set up the new model - /app/code/local/Namespace/ModuleName/Model/Resource/Page.php

class Namespace_ModuleName_Model_Resource_Page extends Mage_Cms_Model_Resource_Page
    protected function _getLoadSelect($field, $value, $object)
        echo 'test';

However when I load a cms page nothing happens but I can see whats wrong. Can anyone advise please


Your issue at wrong calling for resource type at config.xml

it should be cms_resource from page_resource.

As per as ,magento cms_resource resource type class is Mage_Cms_Model_Resource

See at config.xml of Mage_Cms Module:

  • good catch +1 from me@Amit bera – Keyur Shah May 15 '15 at 10:21

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