I am looking for some help on how to allow customers to purchase by weight and quantity and offer a discount the more they buy. For example say we have two products, Almonds SKU1 and Almonds SKU2. What is the best way to implement the following:

Almonds SKU1

1kg for $20

4 x 1kg for $76

8 x 1kg for $144


Almonds SKU2

25kg for $375



You can set different prices based on the quantity purchased. That is called "Tier Price" in Magento (edit the product, then click on the "Prices" tab)

enter image description here

  • That wouldn't cater for the different weights though. I don't really want to create a product for each weight. I want the customer to choose a weight and then a quantity for that weight. based on this discounts are applied. I am surprised there isn't a straightforward way to do this as this seems like quite a normal situation for E-Commerce. Maybe I am missing something. – Rob Fyffe May 13 '15 at 15:46

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