Following is a left side bar code when i am in "My Dashboard". I have to modify following style. Where is the file so i can modify the class.

<div class="block block-account">
  <div class="block-title"> <strong> <span>My Account</span> </strong> </div>
  <div class="block-content">
      <li class="current"> <strong>Account Dashboard</strong> </li>
      <li> <a href="http://localhost/my_theme/index.php/customer/account/edit/">Account Information</a> </li>
      <li> <a href="http://localhost/my_theme/index.php/customer/address/">Address Book</a> </li>
      <li> <a href="http://localhost/my_theme/index.php/sales/order/history/">My Orders</a> </li>
      <li> <a href="http://localhost/my_theme/index.php/sales/billing_agreement/">Billing Agreements</a> </li>
      <li> <a href="http://localhost/my_theme/index.php/sales/recurring_profile/">Recurring Profiles</a> </li>
      <li> <a href="http://localhost/my_theme/index.php/review/customer/">My Product Reviews</a> </li>
      <li> <a href="http://localhost/my_theme/index.php/tag/customer/">My Tags</a> </li>
      <li> <a href="http://localhost/my_theme/index.php/wishlist/">My Wishlist</a> </li>
      <li> <a href="http://localhost/my_theme/index.php/oauth/customer_token/">My Applications</a> </li>
      <li> <a href="http://localhost/my_theme/index.php/newsletter/manage/">Newsletter Subscriptions</a> </li>
      <li class="last"> <a href="http://localhost/my_theme/index.php/downloadable/customer/products/">My Downloadable Products</a> </li>
  • What class do you want to edit? – Mayers May 13 '15 at 13:53
  • @Mayers : actually i wanted file location of My Dashboard. You can see right answer of Marius below. Thanks for your help. – Ravi Patel May 22 '15 at 5:00
  • Marius definitely beat me to it, make sure you don't hard-code any li in this file though, the right way to add/remove/modify elements is done via the layout files – Mayers May 22 '15 at 8:13

The template that renders this html is app/design/frontend/{package}/{theme}/template/customer/account/navigation.phtml.
If there is no such file in your theme copy it from app/design/frontend/base/default/template/customer/account/navigation.phtml and do your changes in the copy.



This must be thirty characters by now?


That's not really enough info to know for sure.
But your css files should be located in,

 skin/frontend/default/my_theme/css or skin/frontend/my_theme/my_theme/css

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