I'm currently planning a major migration from (1) a proprietary e-commerce system to (2) Magento.

On (1), we have multiple crossable categories :

Root category : Clothing

  • Category 1 : Women
  • Category 2 : Shoes
  • Category 3 : Adidas

We currently have access to these landing-pages, thanks to the faceted navigation :

  • /clothing/women/shoes/adidas
  • /clothing/shoes/adidas
  • /clothing/shoes
  • /clothing/adidas

One interesting thing : if we are on /clothing/adidas, and we want to filter by "shoes", the link will be /clothing/shoes/adidas - not /clothing/adidas/shoes.

The question is : is there any way to handle this whole system in (2) Magento ?

I tried to play with the categories, subcategories and attributes, but without finding a solution.

  • By "the link" do you mean the current URL, or the links of the products on the page (e.g. /clothing/shoes/adidas/some_shoe)? May 13, 2015 at 15:11

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Check out URL rewrites under Catalog -> URL Rewrite Management. At least two kinds of rewrites are applicable to your use case:

  1. You can add a redirect from /clothing/adidas/shoes to /clothing/shoes/adidas.
  2. You can add a non-redirecting rewrite that shows a certain category when you visit /clothing/shoes/adidas.

Number 2 is handled automatically by Magento through the URL key option on the category configuration page, so chances are you can already find such a non-redirecting rewrite among your URL rewrites. Automatic rewrites have type set to System.

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