I have a normal B2C store. Now I would like to add B2B users to this shop.

How do I create a second user registration form for B2B users?

Users created here should automatically be added to a B2B user group but need a manual activation.

I found many extensions around this topic but the turn the shop into B2B online shops, like hiding prices. Maybe this will do the trick, not sure how to configure it for what I need...


I created a CMS page for the b2b login and added the login form:

{{block type ="Mage_Customer_Block_Form_login" template="customer/form/login.phtml" }}

With a copy of login.phtml I can create a custom login.

How do I change the customer group for user registration here? Also it would be nice to disable the account after creation.

Update 2

I removed the CMS page and created a new module with b2b page containing a block for login and a copy of the customer register block. I also copied and modified the createpostAction().

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Creating a second form might not be the best solution. I'd like to suggest 2 other options.

1) creating a second website in Magento and putting a login in front of it using this extension. Then when people register for this shop you can add then to a specific customer group automatically.

Some benefits are different prices, payment methods, shipping methods and display prices without tax on this shop while it doesn't affect the B2C shop.

2) A more simple approach is letting people sign up using the normal form and afterwards assigning them to a different customer group manually to give them access to customer group specific prices.

  • Could you add a customer entity type and tell it to display on registration forms? Based on that value during customer save you could shift to new groups?
    – philwinkle
    Commented Aug 14, 2013 at 15:32
  • Might also be a nice solution! Still you might want to verify that the customer really is B2B. Anyway, did some googling and found this extension that would do what you're proposing. magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/catalog/product/view/id/… EDIT: took a quick look at the code and looks pretty ok, does overwrite some customer section templates as expected Commented Aug 14, 2013 at 16:06

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