I have successfully installed the latest Magento security patches. I did this via SSH. And used this official Magento documentation as a guide:


After running the sh command I got a success message:

Checking if patch can be applied/reverted successfully... Patch was applied/reverted successfully.

I then did the usual Clear Cache and Run Compilation Process in my Magento backend.

However when I logout of my backend and log back in, I am still greeted with the Critical messages saying:

Urgent: Immediately install Magento critical security patches

Does this mean the patches were not installed successfully? How can I tell is a security patch is in place correctly?


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Just go admin>System>notification Urgent: Immediately install Magento critical security patches make Make as read.There have no process to disable the message after install ssh file.So you need to disable message manually.


Nevermind those notifications. Just be sure you have installed the patches.

Also you can check the store in https://shoplift.byte.nl/.

  • Thanks for the answer. Using this tool are you not just telling this site what your admin backend url is? Is it not just a matter of time before someone hacks this sites database and has every site who's used it's admin backend url details? I know people can hack your admin regardless, but this would make it easier.
    – conor500
    May 12, 2015 at 10:29

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