The Baseprice Module provides this fields: base_price_amount, base_price_base_amount, base_price_base_unit and base_price_unit.

On import procedure with avs_fastsimpleimport, all the other fields (sku, name, price ...) are correctly processed. The fields for base_price are ignored. Why?

My Import-Array shows like this:

$artData[] = array( 
'sku' => $line[0],
'_type' => 'simple',
'_attribute_set' => 'Default',
'_product_websites' => 'base',
'_category' => $cat_det[0]['entity_id'],
'name' => $artBez,
'price' => $price,

// this fields will be ignored:
'base_price_amount' =>1,
'base_price_base_unit' => 'PCS',
'base_price_unit' => 'PCS',
  • This should work. I don't see a reason why it shouldn't. Perhaps you can try to clear cache completely (again)? Attributes sometimes can't be used after a module has been installed / created, before clearing cache completely (i.e. remove var/cache). – Andreas von Studnitz Jan 16 '16 at 19:27