I have an observer set up for customer login, and it is firing exactly as I need it to. I need to have access to the customer's default shipping address within the observer, which I load via:

$defaultShipping = $customer->getPrimaryShippingAddress( );

This works fine, except when the user first registers; the $defaultShipping is null (I am assuming at this point is because the address itself hasn't been saved yet). I have tried to overcome this by explicitly saving both the customer as well as all of the customer's addresses if $defaultShipping is null:

if( !$defaultShipping ) {
    $customer->save( );
    foreach( $customer->getAddresses( ) as $address ) {
        // Explicitly save each address (at this point there should only be one,
        // but looping just to be safe).  This should guarantee an ID for it 
        // exists
         $address->save( );

    $defaultShipping = $customer->getPrimaryShippingAddress( );

This however is still giving null for $defaultShipping. Am I doing something wrong, or is there another way to load the default shipping address? Does the customer not get a default shipping address if they just registered (should I instead just choose an address from the collection if $defaultShipping is initially null?)

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Turns out I was a bit off. The default shipping is not actually set for newly created customers; the addresses themselves are already saved, as can be demonstrated here (within the same observer method):

foreach( $customer->getAddresses( ) as $address ) {
     echo $address->getId( );

To fix my issue, if the $defaultShipping value was null I simply took the first address out of the customer address collection as my 'default shipping' to use. If anyone has any better solution, feel free to share.

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