I am testing CE ver and discover the error. To replicate, go to any sales order page in admin and enter "80%" in the comment history, click the button Submit Comment. So far so good, then hit F5 to refresh the page and you'll see the error:

Warning: vsprintf(): Too few arguments in .../app/code/core/Mage/Adminhtml/Helper/Sales.php on line 133

Here's the function that contains line 133:

public function escapeHtmlWithLinks($data, $allowedTags = null)
    if (is_string($data) && is_array($allowedTags) && in_array('a', $allowedTags)) {
        $links = array();
        $i = 1;
        $regexp = '@(<a[^>]*>(?:[^<]|<[^/]|</[^a]|</a[^>])*</a>)@';
        while (preg_match($regexp, $data, $matches)) {
            $links[] = $matches[1];
            $data = str_replace($matches[1], '%' . $i . '$s', $data);
        $data = Mage::helper('core')->escapeHtml($data, $allowedTags);
        return vsprintf($data, $links);
    return Mage::helper('core')->escapeHtml($data, $allowedTags);

Is this a bug? Is there a workaround?

  • This has been reported here
    – kiatng
    Commented May 8, 2015 at 1:13
  • Also here and will be fixed in the upcoming CE 1.9.2.
    – kiatng
    Commented May 8, 2015 at 1:24

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Percent sign used for conversion specification in vsprintf. So, you just need to escape it.


if (is_string($data) && is_array($allowedTags) && in_array('a', $allowedTags)) {


if (is_string($data) && is_array($allowedTags) && in_array('a', $allowedTags)) {
        $data = str_replace('%', '%%', $data);

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