I'm looking to create a bundle offer where customers can buy two items from a collection (30 products with varying prices) and they get a fixed third item which is a FREE product.

As the final price will vary depending on what the customer chooses, how do I make the basket subtotal add the two items but ignore the third priced item?

Hope that makes sense

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Since the third item is fixed, you can use shopping cart price rules:

  • if cart contains at least two items of category X
  • then add product Y as a gift

However you need a small extension for the "add product as a gift" action in shopping cart price rules:

You can get it for free here: https://github.com/code4business/freeproduct

It adds a new shopping cart price rules action "free product" where you can enter qty and sku.

screenshot admin

These products are added to the cart as non editable items with price 0 during sales rule validation.

screenshot cart

How it works

  • A new rule type is added to the sales rule form, in an observer on adminhtml_block_salesrule_actions_prepareform
  • An observer on salesrule_validator_process processes the new rule type. It adds the configured SKU to the cart and sets a custom price of 0 and a custom option that identifies the product as free gift.
  • Another observer on sales_quote_collect_totals_before removes existing gift items from the cart (that's what the custom option from before is for), before the rules are processed.
  • The cart item template is adjusted to remove qty input and "remove" link from gift items (they would not work anyways).

Disclaimer: I was involved in the development of this extension.

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