Does anyone know the way to access the store variables in checkout agreement links? I want to use something like:

I confirm that I read the <a href="{{store url='agb'}}">terms and conditions</a>

but the store variable doesn't get processed.

Thank you for your ideas on this!

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You need to edit the template app/design/frontend/{package}/{theme}/template/checkout/onepage/agreements.phtml and replace this

<?php if ($_a->getIsHtml()):?>
    <?php echo $_a->getContent() ?>


<?php $filter = Mage::helper('cms')->getPageTemplateProcessor();?>
<?php if ($_a->getIsHtml()):?>
    <?php echo $filter->filter($_a->getContent()) ?>

there is no need to change the else branch since you cannot use links if the agreement is not of type HTML.

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