I'm trying to set Magento on a development subdomain and update it to 1.9., but it keeps me redirecting to old domain.

This is wat I did:

  • I installed a clean version of 1.9 (without setting up the database) in my subdomain directory
  • Copied all custom files from production to development (skins, modules etc)
  • Duplicated the database (Magento 1.8)
  • Copied local.xml to development and pointed to new database
  • Replaced al secure en unsecure path's to http://dev.domain.com
  • chmod -R o+w media var
  • chmod o+w app/etc
  • Visiting dev.domain.com

For some reason, It keeps me redirecting to my old domain.

  • check once htaccess file having redirect 301 or in cpanel, check the redirect option May 5, 2015 at 13:45

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  1. Clean the cache, the config is cached
  2. restart your browser, your browser caches the redirect.

Figured it out; I had to change the APC caching prefix in local.xml. I did cleared the cache via the APC console, but apparently that don't work because of the prefix.

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