I can't find any google solution that matches my problem.

  • Cron is working.
  • Order e-mails are sent with success.
  • All other e-mails are working too, excepting newsletter.

My last newsletter was sent using But after updates to my newsletter e-mails are not being sent.

Cron schedule table shows up all queues, including newsletter_send_all with success message. Going to backend I can see ZERO processed from thousands of subscribers. No newsletter e-mail was sent. No errors in Magento logs, PHP logs and Apache logs.

What could be happening?

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Try to use this extension : https://github.com/aschroder/Magento-SMTP-Pro-Email-Extension (You can see all logs of sending emails and configure other mail server is if needed)

and this extension: https://github.com/AOEpeople/Aoe_Scheduler (You can check the cron and review when scheduled, etc).

  • I am facing same issue in magento and confirm your answer that cron is working and other transnational email are working but still newsletter showing not sent and not any newsletter email Jul 27, 2016 at 12:16

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