I have created a custom module to sync product details. There is a cron job configured to run model "my_module/Cron::syncDetail". I would like to convert this to a manual job in admin menu.

The syncDetail function in Cron.php is executing


i have managed to create the admin menu drop down, however i can't figure out what to put in the action of the menu.

my question is what is the correct action to directly call the model function?

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Another option you may be interested in, which allows you to keep the current cron job setup, as well as run it manually, is to install AOE Scheduler. It is a highly regarded extension for working with cron jobs and one of its abilities is to run jobs directly from Magento Admin.


You can not call the model function directly from the admin menu. You need to implement a controller which calls the model function. Your menu entry should target the controller action. For moe information please refer to: http://alanstorm.com/magento_admin_controllers

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