I've been trying to contact Magento for the last month and have had no success. We have Enterprise, but there I cannot find the area Magento recommends for downloading the security updates:

Navigate to Download Tab (Where? I have never seen this tab)

Magento Enterprise Edition > Support Patches (Can't find this)

It then says if you can't download request by making a support ticket. When I click on the support ticket area it takes me to my account and does nothing.

Please assist in any way possible. Is there a Magento Support Email I can use directly or a number or suggestions as to why all of this is not working.

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Once logged into the Partner section you need to select the menu item Technical Resources. Then on this page at the bottom left of the page there is a section called Enterprise Edition which has a download link.

This page will show you an explorer that contains all the EE based downloads including patches. Under the section called Patches & Support you will see all the available patches for different versions of Magento.


Try contacting Ben Marks on Twitter, he is always around. This question will be probably removed since this is not the place to ask for official support, but I think Ben might be able to help you or at least direct you. https://twitter.com/benmarks/

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