When creating a product programmatically using the method described here, what format does the value need to be in for a Yes/No attribute type? (note: my attribute is global)

So far I have tried the following values for my Yes/No field:
0 and 1
1 and 2
'0' and '1'
'1' and '2'

So far all I am getting is the error "Invalid value for 'myAttributeName'"

I have scoured Google but somehow can't find an example of someone creating a product in this way where a Yes/No type attribute was used.

Note: I will test other values such as true false, 'Yes' 'No', and -1 0 and update question shortly.

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    You should be fine using true or false. Apr 30, 2015 at 3:37

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Well it turns out that the values need to be formatted as:
'Yes' or 'No' (including quotation marks / denoting a string)

Note:this is probably also dependant on the language being used for your store.

  • And this is on a default Magento product yes/no attribute or a select? BY the way, thank you for returning and answering your question Apr 30, 2015 at 6:15

It is dependant to the language in Backend.

If the shop is in german language for example than the value has to be Ja or Nein.

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