Magento ver., Ultimo theme

I'm trying to get product`s attribute according this solution:

Product Attribute on Products Grid/List View (manufacturer)

My settings:

enter image description here

I run following code:

<?php echo $_product->getAttributeText('depths'); ?>

Using xDebug I see following:


Resource instantiating well. I have this object


enter image description here

I got my attribute successfully


Before return I have following:

enter image description here

And on step:


When we are getting $this->getData($attributeCode) result is NULL and ->getOptionText also return NULL

I don't know when this attribute should appear in $this (read as $product) ->getData() should have this value. If _data array have this value why don't I call just on list page $_product->getData('my_attr')?

Could you help me to find the issue?



returns right value



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