I need to change default layout file (1column.phtml, 2columns-left.phtml, etc.) based on currently logged in user (user group) and if he's logged in or not.

Is changing the default template possible from inside the PHP code, I mean just layout, I know how to do PHP logic?

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Another way to this create different handler for each customer group using event controller_action_layout_load_before then on layout xml set it template.

Config.xml code is:


and Observer code is

class MymoduleNameSpace_Mymodule_Model_Observer{
 public function addHandler($observer)
        $loggedIn = Mage::getSingleton('customer/session')->isLoggedIn();
    $groupId = Mage::getSingleton('customer/session')->getCustomerGroupId();
    //Get customer Group name
      $group = Mage::getModel('customer/group')->load($groupId);
      //echo $group->getCode();


According to observer code , it create handler like

General Group Customer :customer_group_general whole Group Customer : customer_group_wholesales etc.

Logic like: customer_group_LOweCaseOfCustomergroupName

    <reference name="root">
        <action method="setTemplate"><template>page/1column.phtml</template></action>

    <reference name="root">
        <action method="setTemplate"><template>page/2columns-left.phtml</template></action>
  • yup only if my method does not satisfy your conditions. In such case, if you want to control more customer groups, then this would be the best solution. +1 Amit Commented Apr 28, 2015 at 6:54

You can change the template (layout file) in your controller.

    public function indexAction() {
        if (yourcondition){ // e.g. check user group
            $this->getLayout()->getBlock('root')->setTemplate('page/templatefile.phtml');  //changes the template
        return $this;
  • Thanks Alvin. This solution is to the point and technically correct. It won't work in my case as I'm using Mage_Catalog_CategoryController override but I haven't mentioned it in my question :).
    – Alan
    Commented Apr 29, 2015 at 12:51

The best and recommended way is using the layout handle that is uniquely created for this purpose. They are non another than customer_logged_in and customer_logged_out.

    <reference name="root">
        <action method="setTemplate"><template>page/1column.phtml</template></action>

for logged-in-customers and

    <reference name="root">
        <action method="setTemplate"><template>page/1column.phtml</template></action>

for not-logged-in customers.

Note 1: These two layout handles will be processed very early. So there is a chance to rewrite the root template by other layout handles which will processed after these layout handles.

Note 2 : Change the template file that you needed in the above example code as per your need.

Note 2 : If you want to change the template based on the customer groups, then you should go with programmatic ways

  • Thanks Rajeev. That's a great answer but I need to change layout programmatically, depending on the combination of log in status and customer group.
    – Alan
    Commented Apr 29, 2015 at 12:57
  • you can try amith's answer in that case Commented Apr 29, 2015 at 13:03

Untested, but this should work:

$layout = Mage::app()->getLayout();
$roleId = Mage::getSingleton('customer/session')->getCustomerGroupId();
$role = Mage::getSingleton('customer/group')->load($roleId)->getData('customer_group_code');

if($role == "Wholesale") {
    $layout->getUpdate()->addUpdate('<reference name="root"><action method="setTemplate"><template>page/1column.phtml</template></action></reference>');


  • 1
    Thanks for the answer and reference. It didn't work in my case as I was calling it from a controller override but may work from an observer(as the reference link indicates).
    – Alan
    Commented Apr 29, 2015 at 12:47

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