We are attempting to set up Rule Based Relations, a feature of Magento Enterprise. Specific Magento version is EE

So basically you set which products are the related products, and which products to attach/relate those too.

We set up the rules, and the products did not display any related products at all.

Attach one product manually as a related, and it does the 1 manual, and the other 3 rule-based.

Then I set the relation types to "rule based only" and then it was 4 rule-based related products.

Then I removed the single manual product, and then no related products show up. Even though the rule is still in place, and it is set to use rules only.

Is there a bug with this feature, or some way to fix it?

I have been reindexing and clearing cache at each step/phase of this process.

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Go to System->Configuration->Catalog->catalog->rule based product relations,

and change Show Related Products, Show Cross-Sell Products & Show Upsell Products

from "Rule-Based Only" to "Both selected and rule-based"

then, reindex & flush cache


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