I am not receiving any emails from the contact form. SMTP details are correct, I am able to receive sales emails.

Checked in the source but could not figure it out.

By the way I am using Magento and theme is ultimo.

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  • 1. First check whether your server supports to send mail 2. If yes, please try installing magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/… in magento – Shyam Krishna Sreekumar Apr 28 '15 at 8:24
  • Obvious issue might be that the incorrect recipient mail is set in the backend. Check under System / configuration what email is set to receive emails. Without any concrete errors there is little we can do about it. – Sander Mangel Aug 19 '15 at 9:29

The contact controller can be found under app/code/core/Mage/Contacts/controllers/IndexController.php and the code responsible for handling this function is under the postAction() method:

if ($error) {
    throw new Exception();
$mailTemplate = Mage::getModel('core/email_template');
/* @var $mailTemplate Mage_Core_Model_Email_Template */
$mailTemplate->setDesignConfig(array('area' => 'frontend'))
        array('data' => $postObject)
if (!$mailTemplate->getSentSuccess()) {
    throw new Exception();

As you can see, if there is an error, it should throw an exception. Check the contents of your logs (var/log/system.log & var/log/exception.log) after trying to submit a contact form.

If you don't find anything in these logs, nor anything generated within the var/report directory, then you need to do some additional diagnostics.

You can start by doing some in-line diagnostics, for example:

echo "Triggered";die();

within this method to see whether the submission is even reaching the method. Make sure you perform these diagnostics within a staging environment and revert any core changes made to ensure upgradeability in future.

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