I can load an address using the following code:

$addresses = $addressObj->getCollection()
        ->addAttributeToFilter('firstname', $addressData['firstname'])
        ->addAttributeToFilter('lastname', $addressData['lastname'])
        ->addAttributeToFilter('city', $addressData['city'])
        ->addAttributeToFilter('postcode', $addressData['postcode'])
        ->addAttributeToFilter('telephone', $addressData['telephone'])

The issue is that street is an array when returned in the address object so how can I add street into my filters above?

I know I could load all the addresses and loop through them in code then compare the array with my data but I would like to avoid this step if possible a it's extra overhead.


This should work:

->addAttributeToFilter('street', 'somewhere');

or this, if you want like filter

->addAttributeToFilter('street', array('like'=>'%somewhere%'));

Even if the street is returned as an array, in the database is kept as a single field. The values in the array are concatenated by \n.
If you are looking for an exact address that is on 2 lines this should do it:

->addAttributeToFilter('street', 'somewhere\nelse');
  • Ahhh, right. I didn't think to look at the actual database field (long day I guess). Many thanks Marius. – webnoob Aug 7 '13 at 14:30

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