The DHL shipping method is not working in my magento Entriprise edition I have enabled it from the Admin and it is displaying the error message specified in the configuration when trying to use it on the frontend.

I am getting the following error in the DHL error log:

2015-04-27T10:59:16+00:00 DEBUG (7): Array
[0] => Error parsing body - doesn't seem to be a chunked message
[1] => The response is in wrong format.
[__pid] => 30216

Please let me know if any one has experienced the same problem?


If I count down correctly, the Magento EE corresponds to Magento CE

So yes, anyone experienced such a problem and worked around it by applying a more recent version of lib/Varien/Http/Adapter/Curl.php, see the original answer here on Magento Stack Exchange as exposed by this site's search function.

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