I am trying to export 'all products' csv and when I run the profile I'm getting an error.

The error is:

Request Timeout

This request takes too long to process, it is timed out by the server. If it should not be timed out, please contact administrator of this web site to increase 'Connection Timeout'.

If someone could help me I would appreciate it.

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    Have you increased max_execution_time ? – zhartaunik Apr 27 '15 at 8:56
  • You need to increase max_execution_time to avoid this timeout error. – Shyam Krishna Sreekumar Apr 27 '15 at 9:15

Oh. I kind of fixed this in Magento 2, the same code fix applies to Magento 1.


The core modifications brought a full product export from about 10 minutes down to 2 minutes.

The problem for me was that as the number of categories and attributes increased, the export function got remarkably slower due to an inefficiency in the php function array_intersect.

In app/code/local/Mage/ImportExport/Model/Export/Entity/Product.php refactoring the uses of array_intersect to a combination of array_combine and array_intersect_key was the ticket.

See the Magento 2 pull request above for the exact modifications required.

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