I want to show out of stock products at the end of product search results page. I have tried to do that by using some free extension/code but none of code didn't worked for search results page. please suggest me how can I do that.


Sorry if solution isn't very clean. I just copied from one of the modules which has been written many years ago...



Observer method:

public function catalogProductSort($observer) {
    $collection = $observer->getEvent()->getCollection();

    if ( !($collection instanceof Mage_Catalog_Model_Resource_Product_Collection)
        || !Mage::helper('catalog')->isModuleEnabled('Mage_CatalogInventory')
    ) {
        return ;

    $allowedClasses = array(
    if ( !in_array( get_class($collection), $allowedClasses) ) {
        return ;


    $select = $collection->getSelect();
    $orders = $select->order( 'is_in_stock '.Zend_Db_Select::SQL_DESC)
    array_unshift($orders, array_pop($orders));
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