I found a possible solution for those who have no SSH access, or having difficulties using sh command to apply for the patch: (community edition)

With the successful update on the local machine, find the 5 files on your local machine which have the updates:






upload these files to your server using FTP, and patches are done!

To me, this is a safer option to apply for the patches.

Pls correct me if I am wrong! Hopefully it helps.

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  • Are you using git/svn, any repository system? – Charlie Apr 23 '15 at 11:53
  • No, I just applied the patch based on CE, and uploaded the files to the server. – greentealeaf Apr 25 '15 at 3:22
  • Yes, then go to you app/etc/ folder where you get one file regarding your patch, if that one is exist so than your patch is applied – Charlie Apr 27 '15 at 4:47
  • I have already applied the patch this way. successful. – greentealeaf Apr 28 '15 at 5:18

Replace "upload these files to your server using FTP" with "deploy code from development to production" and this is the normal recommended workflow:

  1. apply patch on development
  2. test
  3. deploy

Running the patch scripts on production is not a good idea since these patches often contain backwards incompatible changes or break extensions.

If you should use FTP for deployment is a different topic...

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