i want to place "order form box" with add to cart button in my right sidebar of the theme. i tried to edit layout.XML but not lucky to do that.how we can place this to sidebar in every product page. i am working on this page

placing order form in sidebar

hi i want place order form in right side bar

  • Please explain it a little more in detail. What exactly you require and if possible paste an image showing how you want it. Apr 23, 2015 at 10:23

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The issue is the <form> tag that has to wrap around the options. This form tag only exists in the catalog/product/view.phtml and does not include the right column.

One option would be to fake the box in the right column, hide the one echoed in the view.phtml and then set the options with javascript.

All in all it'll be quite a challenge to get this working properly (but that might just be because I'm a horrible frontender).


You can try to make this page 1-column and put new container after content block. Then using css build your page as you like. Physically you will not have right sidebar, but visually you can do the same view. There is disadvantage of this approach - you need to reassign all blocks from right container to your new block.

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