I am trying to follow this guide to create some configurable products, however the attributes are not showing on the new product page when I am creating it. I created an attribute called colour_suit. Below are the options I used. enter image description here

After creating the attribute I created an attribute set called Suits and added the colour_suits attribute to it (below SKU). enter image description here

Next I set the Attribute Set to Suits and Product Type to Configurable Product and I the checkbox beside Suits colour and then clicked Continue. I don't see the Suit colour option below the SKU field. enter image description here

I have disabled the cache management and flushed the Magento Cache and Flash Storage. I even logged out and back in and it still doesn't show up.

If I create a Simple Product with the Attribute set Suits it will show the Suits Colour option this time. What am I doing wrong?

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Configurable attributes, like you colour_suit, are only used on the simple products.

You create simple products with configurable attributes. You then create a configurable product and associated those simple products. Now, your configurable product has those configurable options from the simple products.

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