i am adding multiple columns in magento order grid they are working fine as separate filter but when choose multiple column nothing shown

if ($block->getId() == 'sales_order_grid') { 
            foreach($data as $dat)
                'some name',
                    'header'   => 'name',
                    'align'    => 'left',
                    'index'    =>  $dat->getId(),
                      'renderer'  => 'renderer class',

                    'sortable'  => false,

                    'type' => 'options',
                    'options' => $this->_getOptions($dat->getId()),

                    'filter_condition_callback' => array($this, '_filtercolumn'),


this is filter code

public function _filtercolumn($collection, $column)
        if (!$value = trim($column->getFilter()->getValue())) { 
$collection->getSelect()->join('tablename')->where("`tablename`.order_id=`main_table`.entity_id AND `tablename`.column1='$value' AND  `tablename`.column2='$columnid'");


    return $collection;

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Query is not wrote properly,please try this

$collection->getSelect()->join(array('tablename' => 'YOURTABLENAME'),
            'tablename.order_id = =`main_table`.entity_id'  
        AND `tablename`.column1='$value' AND  `tablename`.column2='$columnid'",

Make clone of collection on _filtercolumn function if required and then add join query on clone

$cloneCollection=clone $collection

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