i'm new in Magento, please let me know what is basic purpose on Include directory in Magento and how it's work? and also i want to know about Shell directory, Api php file in root directory of magento and get php file also in root directory. Can anyone explain it's confusing me.


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  • includes directory is used for storing compiled code and config of Magento Compiler (see System > Configuration > Tools > Magento Compiler)
  • shell directory is used for CLI tools to perform maintenance tasks from command line, script names located there are self-explanatory
  • api.php is used for API requests from various integrations (i.e. ERP system or POS terminals)
  • get.php is used when you store media files in database instead of filesystem. It can be useful if you have multiply backends or host a huge shared Magento install like "Magento Go"

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