I am using simple products within my bundled products. As there are multiple Options I do get a select-list, that's not really well readable. An actual example is something like that:

<option value="128">Jeans Name -46-grey_black &nbsp; +44,99&nbsp;€</option>

This code says:

"Simple Products' title"+"-"+size-attribute+"-"color-attribute-code+" &nbsp; +"+Final Price

I'd love to have that a bit more readable. By saying this:

"Simple Products' title"+" The size: "+size-attribute+" The color: "color-attribute-name+" &nbsp; +"+Final Price

I output the option values by this code coming from the select.phtml

<?php foreach ($_selections as $_selection): ?>
        <option value="<?php echo $_selection->getSelectionId() ?>"<?php if ($this->_isSelected($_selection)) echo ' selected="selected"' ?><?php if (!$_selection->isSaleable()) echo ' disabled="disabled"' ?>><?php echo $this->getSelectionTitlePrice($_selection, false) ?></option>
    <?php endforeach; ?>

Where would I need to change things to get this change done? Thanks!

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