I have some products, that had some discount prices (5% off). Now I deleted all these special prices in the products' dashboard, cleared the cache multiple times and even increased the regular price. But now I still have a discount of 5% on my new regular prices. I checked cart price rules, catalog price rules and the products' pages, but there is no discount set anymore. Where may I still look at? Where can prices also be set? ( My client has access to the dashboard of course and they sometimes do do things and have no clue what they did there actually; but I have no clue on where to check what they did wrong)


  • Reindex the data again hope full it will fix you issue. Apr 20, 2015 at 14:30

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You should reindex your data and then that issue should be solved

Configuration -> Index Management -> Product Prices
  • Did this, but didn't work out. I though have a problem with my index management as my product flat data isn't reindexable anymore: "Cannot initialize the indexer process." Can the one problem be connected to the other?
    – Daiaiai
    Apr 20, 2015 at 14:43

Try to click "apply rules" in catalog and cart price rules. It's kind of a reindex too :)

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