I'm running a Magento 1.9 store and have just installed the IWD One Page Checkout extension. Everything works fine except one little kink...

The payment method names show up double

payment with Visa => VisaVisa

Does anyone have an idea where I can find this little bug?

If I've forgot to add important info let me know and I'll elaborate...



We have reduced the conflict between IWD and MSP plugin (Multisafepay payments (plugin free for download)) however a solution has not been found. Does someone that uses MSP have the same issue or a solution for this problem?


The problem is in your MultiSafePay plugin:

Go to app/code/community/MultiSafepay/Msp/Helper/Data.php and on line 38 you see:

if ($return == '') {
    $return = $paymentTitle;

Change it to:

if ($return == '') {
    //$return = $paymentTitle;

Which will comment out the returning of the payment title along with the $_method tag. This should fix your problem.

Soon MSP will release 2.1.2 as a new release which will also have this patch onboard.

  • Works perfect! To others with the same problem, don't forget to CACHE, INDEX and COMPILE! We forgot the compilation and spent stupid hours to find the glitch!
    – nick_name
    May 5 '15 at 15:14

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