I have several subsites that I've set up on a site I've inherited where there needs to be several sites with differing domains.

I found this tutorial and these two screencasts (Part 1 & Part 2) very helpful, however I am not finding a way to apply the same template design of the main default site to these subsites. The goal is to use the same design for all of the sites with primarily simply a different root category for the subsites.

To give this context I have something like MainStore.tld and then MensShoes.tld, OutdoorSupplies.tld, etc. and I simply want make MensShoes.tld to look like MainStore.tld, but to have a different catalog base so as to have different products and perhaps some different elements such as slide images, images, etc.

How is this scenario usually configured in Magento?

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I'm not sure I following the question completely, so apologies if this is off base, but you should just be able to use the System -> Configuration -> Design section to set a default theme for all stores, and then set a specific template theme folder for the other stores.

enter image description here

Use the store switcher in the upper left hand corner to select an appropriate scope

enter image description here

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