I've been asked to look at a store with version reported in the footer of the admin. The store received a patch notification and I am attempting to apply the patch and get messages about missing files. Indeed, I check for files at:


Those files are not there. Suspicious, I checked the database for entries in core_resource and that the tables oauth_token, oauth_nonce, and oauth_consumer exist. They did not, suggesting that the Oauth module was never loaded with this install. Additionally, frontend and admin layout files oauth.xml do not exist.

Checking the release at https://github.com/OpenMage/magento-mirror/tree/magento-1.7 as well as the download from the official archive, this module should be included.

Does this essentially mean the store is running a Magento release that was prior to despite the version reported in admin?


Its possible the Magento instance you are working on was upgraded from and earlier version and the missing files may have been missed.

Easy way to check is grep -r "oauth" ./* and see if there are any other references to oauth. Or if the project is versioned, you could check history and compare previous commits.

  • Yeah, I found no other evidence of Oauth ever existing. Digging deeper, I'm seeing 1.6.1 reported several places (Mage_Core) so I am assuming at this point a failed Magento Connect upgrade occurred. I'm guessing this happened maybe because of bad file permissions or a disallowed php method in WHM/CPanel or something.
    – pspahn
    Apr 16 '15 at 20:43

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